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Interview Tips

Common Types of interview.

Competency based



Panel interview


Informal chat


Getting ready for the interview.

  • Think about what the interviewer might ask you? Based on the role, and details you have in your CV or on the application form submitted.
  • Always go armed with some questions of your own about the job to ask them.
  • Think of why you want the job? Sometimes they do ask this question, this way you will be ready to give them answer on the spot.
  • Relax! Take a deep breath before the interview, and be confident in your abilities.

What to wear.

  • Try to find out the company dress code before the interview. This will help you judge the best way to dress for the employer.
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. This can be distracting while in the interview!
  • Don’t dress like you are going to the beach or Glastonbury!

Venue of Interview.

Make sure you know where the interview venue is in advance, don’t be late!! Better to be early, and leave in appropriate time. Showing you have good timekeeping is not a dreadful thing, as this is something that employers will regard a good habit.

During the interview.

  • Turn your phone off.
  • Feeling nervous? Don’t let this get the better of you. Make sure you take time to breath between questions.
  • Listen, then answer! This is rude however nervous to jump in while the interviewer is still asking you a question.
  • Think about your answer. They will not rush you, and this shows that you think about questions, or solving problems before answering.
  • Give examples that you have experienced. This is always a perfect answer which shows you can draw your own experience from another real event in the work place.
  • Never just use “Yes” or “No” give fuller answers.
  • Don’t be afraid if they ask you about an area of the role that you have no experience in. Take a minute to think what you would do? Also, always advise them you are willing to learn new tricks in any job.
  • They might ask tough questions. This might be why you left another job, made redundant or another reason. Answer the question to the best of your knowledge but over justify the answer.

Interview Over! What's next?

  • If you are offered the Job! Excellent, good news! Thank Them, agree to Start date. Happy days!
  • Anything such as contract details, salary negotiation, or anything that is yet to be agreed before starting the job, do your homework, be flexible in your approach so they don’t withdraw their job offer.
  • In the event you are not successful, ask the employer for feedback that will help you in the future.
  • If you are offered the job but decide that you don’t want to accept the package, always thank them for their offer and be polite as you never know in the future there might be a role you do want to be considered for.