Testimonials & Support

"My son has just arranged a meeting to talk over starting an apprenticeship. He was so nervous for him, and now I am over the moon for him. Fingers Crossed!"

Fran Egbert

"I have had bad experiences in the past with these fairs, but these guys do really provide recruiting exhibitors to talk with! I was so happy, and my confidence is restored! Thank You Jobs Fair!"

Jeanie Wright

"Helpful for me under the circumstances. There are not many places you can go and chat about self-employed roles, the information has helped me so much today. Chance of getting an interview with one of the companies as well."

Tilly Beacham

"Very, very beneficial for us modern age dinosaurs!"

Tom Wren

"Coventry was excellent! Went and make quality contacts ahead of finishing my studies this year!"

George Thompson

"Fantastic! Don’t sit at home. The careers advice was excellent I received regarding becoming my own boss."

Ryan Rashford

"Filled in an application on the day of the fair, given an interview the next day, offered the job before the week was out!"

Roger Smith

"I can’t believe all the opportunities there was in the Ealing Jobs Fair! There was even training opportunities for someone like myself over 50 years of age."

Sandra Pearson

"Never been to any fairs before, and had no idea what to expect. I talked to some of the many companies, and feel confident that something might come of my chats"

Ben Makin

"My partner attended your Jobs Fair in Telford on the 16th June and has started a job he found there today. Thanks so much!"

Leia Winch

"I went to my first Jobs Fair in Plymouth, and was not sure what it would be like? This was wonderful experience, not only did I talk to loads of great exhibitors, but I came away with two interviews for next week. Fingers crossed! Thanks Guys, great fair."

Sarah Murdoch Skeleton, Plymouth Jobs Fair, Friday 26th May

"Amazing Jobs Fair today, booked myself a load of interviews!"

Jordan Gibbs, Coventry

"Walked into the Jobs Fair and was greeted by over 30 companies!"

Alexis Sharp, Reading

"The Job Fair staff were helpful and knowledgeable in directing me to stands that were relevant for my experience."

Joe Buxton, Brighton

"I was surprised by the mixture of companies here today, lots of variation."

Jennifer Osman, Nottingham

"Never been to a Jobs Fair before, but the event in Birmingham on 16/11/2016 was packed with companies and other jobseekers, great first impressions."

Nigel Forrester

"Attended the Job Fair in Northampton on 09/11/2016 and was surprised to see over 25+ companies, lots of great career opportunities."

Ashley Greenwood

"Excellent place to find fantastic career options."

Melanie Knott

"Glad I went as I was offered a job the day after from an agency that was at the fair."

Amy Henson, Norwich

"Once again thank you for all your advice, and time, at the jobs fair. I got the job that I went for on the Tuesday after the fair, and I start on the 9th of June. It's temporary maternity cover for 12 months. I am really pleased that at last, someone has seen what I have to offer. I feel much better now, and I'm so looking forward to getting back to the world of work. Once again, thanks for everything."

Maria, Stoke on Trent

"There was a great mixture of companies to talk too and this included big name businesses like Nationwide."

Adam Williams, Portsmouth

"I had a great time at the Portsmouth Jobs Fair and I really felt like I got somewhere talking to companies face-to-face."

Leanne Burton, Portsmouth

"I went to the Peterborough Jobs Fair not knowing how I would get on but I handed out CVs and filled out application forms with many of the companies in attendance and I really think I got somewhere."

Natasha Hillman, Peterborough

"It was good to talk too potential employers rather than applying for jobs online."

Brooke Ainsley, Peterborough

"There were so many companies at The Forum I didn’t know where to start! It was nice to get my name out there."

Connor Nickerson, Norwich

"I was amazed to see so many well-known businesses such as M&S Bank, RBS and Sainsbury’s at a local event!"

Michael Elliott, Norwich

"Job Fairs are a great way to meet companies face-to-face for the first time and make a good first impression, instead of waiting for responses through applications online!"

Sam Harris, Ipswich

"The Coventry Job Fair was brilliant, it had lots of different companies there on the day and I really felt like it really boosted my chances of getting the job."

Dan Manfield, Coventry

"Good to meet with the right person and get some answers about my chances of getting a new job."

Sarah Riverblue, Ipswich

"It's great, I got to ask all the questions I wanted which seemed to really impress the recruitment manager, I know I could never have done this by email I think I might get a job offer."

Claire Black, Telford

"Lots of companies to talk to at the Norwich Job Fair, some of them I wouldn't of thought to apply to but they seemed quite interested in my CV."

Wendy Wilcox, Norwich

"What I like is that it's quick and easy compared to applying for jobs any other way!"

Matt Connolly, Telford

"You never know which companies are going to be interested in you until you start talking to them, I was quite surprised."

Gemma Phillips, Ipswich

"I had six companies take my CV and I've got an interview with three of them, which is great!"

Katie Applestock, Ipswich

"It's a quicker and easier way of getting myself into a job."

Ian Thomas, Telford