What is a Jobs Fair?

What is a Job Fair?

If you’re in the market for a new opportunity, one of your first ports of call should be a visit to a UK careers fair. Indeed, a job fair such as those organised by recruitment event company, The Job Fairs (Job Fairs Ltd), attracts both job seekers and employers under one roof. Where else can you meet face-to-face with a number of recruiters from a range of different industries in the space of only a couple of hours? You’ll find job fairs in most towns and cities across the UK – you only have to search online for job fairs near me, and you’re sure to uncover a whole host of career fairs around the UK in your local area. You can register your interest in attending your nearest career fair ahead of the event, or you can simply turn up on the day.

Do your homework before you arrive at the employment fair. This means ensuring your CV is up-to-date (visit our “How to write a CV” article for more details) and printing off a handful of copies to leave with potential employers. You will also be able to find out in advance which companies are planning to attend the job event, so you will be able to research where you would most like to work, which businesses have job vacancies, and plan a priority list of those stands you wish to visit first.

Prepare for your recruitment fair visit as you would for a job interview, so ensure you are smartly dressed and have a few questions up your sleeve for those companies you have earmarked. Be professional at all times – you never know who might be watching! When approaching a stand, show confidence and present yourself in the best possible light when talking to recruiters. This could be the difference between securing a new role and walking away empty-handed.     

A visit to a job show will give you a real feel for the type of positions that are available and learn more about the biggest employers that are on your doorstep. By chatting with employers at a hiring event, you can quickly find out where your skills lie and if you are suited to the type of roles they are advertising. You could leave having discovered something new about yourself, or decided that a change in career is exactly what you need.

Job Fairs Ltd put on hundreds of events each year, and what is really interesting is that they attract recruiters, large and small, from a number of different industries, whether it’s engineering, social services or accountancy, so there is generally something for everyone. By networking in this way, you can learn more about the various workplace environments and job requirements. That way, when it comes to applying for a new position, you will be armed with all the knowledge you need for writing the perfect covering letter.

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