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Jobs Fair FAQs

Interested in attending a Jobs Fair? Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

What are the demographics and footfall at the Jobs Fair?

We attract everyone ages 16-65 at all of our Job Fairs. Each candidate will have a various levels of skill, education and experience. The average footfall of our Job Fairs across the UK is between 300–950 candidates on the day. For a more accurate estimate on a specific location please email

What are the set up and breakdown times for the Jobs Fair?

Set up and breakdown times vary per event. If you already know which location you are interested in attending please visit our Where & When page for event times. Alternatively please email

What is included with a stand?

All of our stand packages cover at the very least a table, seating, tablecloth, bottled water, electric and internet.

What is the size of a stand at the Jobs Fair?

The Stand itself is generally 3m x 2m with plenty of room behind for any promotional materials (pop up banners etc). There is also plenty of space in front of your stand to engage with the candidates on the day.

How many staff members should we bring?

You can bring as many as you feel you may need. The majority of our clients typically bring 2–3 members of staff on the day.

When can I book in for the Jobs Fair?

You can book anytime up to the day prior to the event date. However, it is on a first come first serve basis, stands also sell out quickly at select locations. So the sooner you book in the better!

How much is a stand at the Jobs Fair?

For more information on the stand packages available please email

What is a Jobs Fair?

Job Fairs are a unique, streamlined and cost effective way of recruiting. You get the opportunity to meet and discuss exciting roles available within your organisation face-to-face. You can even conduct interviews on the day if your perfect candidate walks through the door!

The benefits of attending a Jobs Fair include.

  • Face-to-face recruitment
  • Cost effective recruiting
  • Meet hundreds of prospective candidates on the day
  • Collect CVs
  • Brand exposure
  • Networking opportunities, plus more!

What are the sectors/industries that attend the Jobs Fair?

We run general events open to all sectors/industries. Some of the sectors include those from retail, sales, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, apprenticeships, education, fostering, security, finance, training etc.

Do you have any examples of how you should set up your stand?

Please see below images for an idea of how to set up your stand within the Jobs Fair.

What equipment should I bring to the Jobs Fair?

Most of our clients typically bring

  • 2 company branded pop up banners
  • Company branded pens and note pads
  • Company branded key chains
  • A tin of sweets
  • Application forms
  • Business cards
  • A4 print outs of company vacancies
  • Information on their company

*Please note, this list is intended as a general guide.

Are there discounts for booking more than one Jobs Fair?

Yes. If you are interested in attending more than one Jobs Fair ask our Bookings Team about our multiple bookings discount. You can reach them on