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Jobs Fair. Job Fair. Job Fairs.

Sometimes called Recruitment Event and Career Fair.

What is a Jobs Fair?

A Jobs Fair is a one day event, where various local employers exhibit their job opportunities at a local venue (usually a football stadium, theatre, or conference facility). Job seekers from the local area then arrive to speak with these recruiters about their vacancies and ultimately boost their hopes of finding their next job role.

Are job fairs worth it?

Job Fairs are a great way to look for a plethora of job opportunities all in one place, on one day.

What happens in a job fair?

Employers, both local and national, hire stand space at a one-day event and then showcase their openings to hundreds of local visiting candidates. Events tend to take place at football stadia, town halls, hotels, or music theatres.

What is the difference between a job fair and a hiring event?

A Jobs Fair has numerous recruiters attending promoting job vacancies. A hiring event is usually just 1 company, having an open day to advertise their job roles.

Do people actually get hired at job fairs?

Yes. Job Fairs are a great way to speed up the recruitment process and this, in some instances, can result in job offers on the spot.

What is the purpose of a job fair?

A Jobs Fair is a great way for multiple organisations to meet and potentially fill various jobs, all in one day. Hundreds of job seekers from all walks of life, with contrasting skillsets, attend Job Fairs. So, it is an efficient way to find a suitable candidates for all sorts of vacancy! Job Fairs are open to anyone 16 and over!

Can you go to a job fair without a resume?

Yes, exhibitors will usually bring leaflets, business cards, applications forms on the day, so, you can get away with not bringing a CV. However, in our experience, having a few copies of your CV does go a long way, especially with recruiters who are looking to collect these as part of their recruitment strategy.

How should I dress for a job fair?

The dress code for a Jobs Fair is casual, but please be presentable. Not that you can't turn up suited and booted! As this will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

How many resumes should you bring to a job fair?

Our advice is to bring 5-10 copies with you.

How many companies should you talk to at a career fair?

All of them. Having a quick chat with all the companies is good practice, as they may have something you didn't expect, or assumed, based on their pop-up banner! Introduce yourself, what you're looking for, and see if they have any positions to match!

How can I impress at career fair?

Be engaging, come prepared, and keep an open mind. If you're bubbly and genuinely interested in getting the most out of the event, this will stand you in good stead when chatting with the exhibitors. Your personality is what they are looking at when attending a Jobs Fair, so make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands to leave a positive impression, whilst they await your application/follow-up email after the event.

What employers should do at a job fair?

Arrive early to set up, bring pop-up banners, leaflets, application forms, branded tablecloths and at least 2 members of staff to man the stand. Having some freebies to entice job seekers over can only help your chances too!

What is one advantage of attending a job fair?

1 key advantage is speaking with employers/candidates, face-to-face. The art of conversation is by far your greatest weapon when trying to show your potential next employer why you're the ideal applicant for them. A CV is good, but a conversation in-person, says a 1,000 more words.

When attending a career fair you should?

Keep an open mind. Every career fair is different and will have a multitude of opportunities. Give each exhibitor a chance and you could find something you never even expected.

What do you learn at a career fair?

It’s simple, how to interact with employers face-to-face. Career fairs are a great way to hone your interview technique, which you can then take forward into the future.

How do you introduce yourself at a jobs fair?

Be polite, confident and open minded. Introduce yourself, what you’re looking for and enquire as to what the exhibitor is offering at the recruitment fair.

How do you sell yourself at a career fair?

Dress smartly, be polite and come prepared. These 3 simple points will go along way to immediately giving yourself a great first impression on the employers.

How do you impress a recruiter at a career fair?

More of the same. Be presentable and polite, but also show a genuine and keen interest in the company and their brand. The recruiter will then be far more likely to want to progress your conversation to an application or even a first interview.

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