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Candidate Testimonials

From candidates who have attended our Job Fairs

"I attended the job fair and spoke to a few people about hospitality jobs. I managed to get an interview this afternoon and another one hopefully in a month. I would recommend to other candidates, I found it very helpful."

Rachael, Burnley Jobs Fair25/07/2024

"I have attended today and gained some good advice on how to progress my career. I have had some useful conversations and found a couple of jobs to apply for."

Callum, Peterborough Jobs Fair24/07/2024

"We work for Beam helping people in the local area back into employment. This has been really useful to help us support our clients more effectively."

Catt and Marin, Peterborough Jobs Fair24/07/2024

"I am currently self employed and work mainly on my own. I’m looking for a possible career change which is why I have attended today. I have found a couple of suitable roles I can apply for so it has been beneficial attending."

Daniel, Peterborough Jobs Fair24/07/2024

"I have come to the Jobs Fair today as I am looking for a career change. I had a chat with Michelle and she suggested a good potential employer. After a positive chat, I will be applying for one of their positions. It has been well worth attending today."

Tam, Peterborough Jobs Fair24/07/2024

"We are currently on the next steps part of our programme. The event has been very useful to aid us to prepare for employment and understand what is required when applying for vacancies. It has allowed us to see what is available in the local area."

Students from Delta North Consett, Newcastle Jobs Fair17/07/2024

"I’m glad I have attended the Newcastle Jobs Fair. I have had some informative conversations and this has allowed me to view different avenues that are available to me. I have found today really good and been able to gain some contact details to apply for suitable positions. "

Joseph, Newcastle Jobs Fair17/07/2024

"I have been able to gain some useful advice today. I have also applied for a job within my chosen profession. I am pleased that I attended today."

Sophie, Newcastle Jobs Fair17/07/2024

"I have found today very productive. I had some very informative conversations that will help me to progress my career in my chosen profession. It was very worthwhile attending."

Callum, Newcastle Jobs Fair17/07/2024

"I think it is great for candidates to attend job fairs, they get to network and find information about jobs locally as well as speak to employers from their chosen sectors of work."

Rhiann, Burnley, 25/07/2024


"I've been in sales for 5 years and I am looking for a change. I had a 1-to-1 sit down with Severn Trent doing CV support at the event when I first got here, and he suggested a few different roles I could look for. There was various companies today which all had roles for me to think about! It was well worth my time coming today."

Warren, Telford & Shrewsbury, 19/07/2024


"I always find the job fairs very beneficial when looking for employment. Speaking directly with a representative of a company gives you a more personal insight in to that company and the roles they are recruiting for."

Graham, Manchester, 19/07/2024


"It's really nice to have someone to speak with about what you want to do in person, instead of online. They really talk you through everything to give you a better understanding of the role you might want to do."

Lucy, Newcastle, 17/07/2024


"The Newcastle Jobs Fair has been really good. It has opened my eyes to many different opportunities that are available locally. I now have many different people I can contact for more information on a range of job roles."

Chloe, Newcastle, 17/07/2024


"I have recently left college and I am now looking for employment. I have found a position today that I can apply for. It has been helpful attending today."

Shanice, Newcastle, 17/07/2024


"The companies I have spoken to so far have been very supportive, there's a lot of different job roles on offer, I love it!"

Tyla, Nottingham, 10/07/2024


"Great event. Lots of different opportunities, I've spoken to Anglian Water and got a few brochures from different employers."

Amee, Northampton, 05/07/2024


"I’ve been unemployed for a month as I wanted a change from waitressing, this has been useful and I have some leaflets to take away and think about."

Maria, Brighton & Hove, 21/06/2024


"I came to the Brighton Jobs Fair today to look for work as I’ve not had much luck online. Been good to see and speak to employers face-to-face rather than submitting CVs online."

Kristina, Brighton & Hove, 21/06/2024


"Speaking directly to the employers was really useful. I prefer this to online applications."

Tejon, Leicester, 12/06/2024


"I was in the Army for 25 years, now looking to change careers. I’ve applied to Northern trains today. I’m going to go home and follow up with some of the other companies too."

Neil, Blackburn, 05/06/2024