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Candidate Testimonials

From candidates who have attended our Job Fairs

"Really well organised event, good range of industries, really informative to what is out there. Will be following up with a few companies and looking forward for what is to come."

John, Manchester Jobs Fair18/04/2024

"Fantastic experience, full of possibilities and thought provoking. Keen interest in some of the companies, will definitely be following up, feeling optimistic."

Ryan, Manchester Jobs Fair18/04/2024

"I visited the Nottingham Jobs Fair today. I found it really useful and informative and discussed some roles relevant to me. It was a successful day and I’m glad I attended."

Michael, Nottingham Jobs Fair17/04/2024

"My name is Richard, this is my first Jobs Fair experience. I was surprised at the range of industries as well as the friendliness of the people on the stands. I’ve had 5 proper conversations in detail about the roles and have some information to take away with me, definitely an eye opening experience."

Richard, Worcester Jobs Fair12/04/2024

"I’ve attended the East London Jobs Fair today to find any job positions that may be suitable for me. I got many links, contacts, and useful career advice. I would recommend this event to any other jobseekers looking for a job."

Mentiana, East London Jobs Fair10/04/2024

"Best event space I’ve seen in Bristol. Been an amazing experience, a safe space, and an all inclusive environment."

Michael, Bristol Jobs Fair10/04/2024

"I attended this Jobs Fair to look for work experience. It was useful to see what the different jobs are like and see what I’m interested in. I would definitely recommend this event to other candidates."

Mya, Southend-on-Sea Jobs Fair05/04/2024

"I’ve spoken to some good companies, excellent event. I have been to a few events in America and this has been brilliant for job searching. I believe in face to face recruitment and I found what I was looking for."

Peter, Southend-on-Sea Jobs Fair05/04/2024

"I came today looking for a full time role, something different to my current part time bus driving job. I’ve spoken to lots of companies, Boeing in particular has interested me as I like the sound of the IT cyber security role. I’ve given my details and hope to apply shortly. "

Sam, Lincoln Jobs Fair05/04/2024

"Huge variety of sectors today, so many opportunities!"

Kateryna, Manchester, 18/04/2024


"Speaking in-person with the companies is so much better, feel like I stand more of a chance of finding employment this way. "

Robert, Nottingham, 17/04/2024


"Applied to 3 different vacancies here today. Great to meet the companies in person. "

Samuel, Milton Keynes, 12/04/2024


"Leaving here with an interview. Exceeded my expectations! "

James, Worcester, 12/04/2024


"The event staff were very friendly and helpful. They pointed me in the right direction to get the most out of the day. Thank you. "

Corrine, Bristol, 10/04/2024


"Was pleasantly surprised to see 50 different employers today. Made some good connections and look forward to the next few days!"

Sharon, Bristol, 10/04/2024


"Great environment to look for work, lots of job openings to explore further. "

Kyran, East London, 10/04/2024


"Spoke to some good companies here today, glad I popped in. "

Amanda, Lincoln, 05/04/2024


"Easy to navigate the event and speak to employers. "

Jack, Southend-on-Sea, 05/04/2024