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Top Tips on attending a Jobs Fair

Our Top Tips for visiting a Jobs Fair across the U.K.


Dress to impress

Show the employers at the Jobs Fair you mean business and give them a great first impression.


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Just because an employer’s banner or marketing literature might say looking for “sales” staff, this might not be all they’re recruiting for at the Jobs Fair. Many companies, past and present at Job Fairs often have varying roles so make sure you go and speak with them.


Speak to ALL the exhibitors

Don’t leave any stone unturned, go and showcase yourself to all the employers at the fair. That way you stand more of a chance of finding something or hearing back after the event.


Bring a CV if you can

It’s always handy to bring some CVs to our events, but it’s not essential. After having a positive chat with an employer, it’s a great way to finish the conversation, but don’t despair if you don’t get round to bringing one! Most exhibitors will have application forms for you to fill out and/or alternative ways of applying for their jobs.


Check out the “Job Boards”

We have around 4-10 Job Boards dotted around every fair which have local and exhibitor vacancies on. So, if an employer you wish to speak with is busy chatting to another job seeker, go and visit these Job Boards as the employers will have pinned up their vacancies with details on how to apply.


Not sure how to use a Jobs Fair?

You can always go and chat with one of the Job Fairs Event Organisers who will be at the Fair. They have organised hundreds of these events so will be best equipped to tell you what you need to do.


Bring your mobile phone

Having your mobile on you at a Jobs Fair can be very useful, you can use it to take photos of the jobs on the Job Boards, send your CV to employers electronically, take down employers contact numbers and check out the exhibitor’s websites to apply for any vacancies they have online as well as at the event.


Try something new

Our events aren’t just simply “Job” Fairs, we get a lot of companies attend who are promoting training courses, apprenticeships, voluntary roles, self-employment and career advice. So, if you’re looking to learn new skills, gain work experience or set up your own business, the Jobs Fair is suitable for you too.


Use LinkedIn

After chatting with an exhibitor and collecting business cards/exchanging contact information, search for and connect with them on LinkedIn and pick up your conversation where it left off.