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Hundreds of jobs available at each event from employers from various sectors and industries. Come to one of our Job Fairs and speak face-to-face with HR managers and showcase your skills! Our Job Fairs are open for anyone to attend.

8 reasons why you should attend a Jobs Fair?


Speak directly face-to-face with the people in charge of HR. Meeting someone face-to-face builds trust and respect much faster.


Hundreds of vacancies to apply for on the day from various employers.


Various employers that attend will conduct “mini interviews” on the day.


Get tips and advice from exhibitors on how to improve your CV.


Be prepared to discover new opportunities. You could learn about opportunities that you hadn’t even considered!


It’s more than a “Jobs Fair”. You can speak to exhibitors about training, apprenticeships, volunteering, self-employment and more!


Networking opportunities – You may not end up with a job at your first job fair, but you might make a contact who can help get you a job down the road.


Practice your communication skills – By speaking to multiple exhibitors on the day, you will enhance your interview technique before that all important first interview. Therefore, building your confidence.


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