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Exhibitor FAQs

Exhibit from £295+VAT

When I arrive, do I just find a stand?

No, please wait to be seated. We have a floor plan with where your stand will be. Upon arriving at the room, please find one of our members of staff, and we will show you to your stand.

How much is it to book a stand?

Our stand price is £295+VAT. For full information enquire today on our stand options page.

How do I book a stand?

Simply send us an enquiry with this form confirming which stand you would like.

How do I pay for a stand?

We accept various payment methods for our stands. They include bank transfer/faster payment, PayPal, Cheque and Credit/Debit card online via Stripe.

For whatever reason, are we allowed to leave before the scheduled finishing time?

In the case of an emergency, this is fine. If not, we appreciate exhibitors staying until the end as job seekers will be attending right up until closing time. Exhibitors who leave early spoil the event for us, other exhibitors, and candidates looking for work. Please stay for the full duration as candidates will be disappointed if they turn up and you have already left.

What is included?

You can view what is included on our stand options page.

Who do I speak with at The Job Fairs regarding booking a stand?

You will speak with Jessica Dyball, our Head of Bookings. Jess has been with the Job Fairs since March 2018. You can contact her via the enquiry form.

What can I bring with me on the day?

Pretty much anything you want. We are happy to accommodate pop-up banners, curved wall stands, branded tablecloths, TV screens, podiums etc. Any curved wall stands over 6ft, please can you let us know.

How many locations do you do each year?

We can be found in 68 locations across the UK. To view all events please visit our where & when page.

Do you have any success stories/testimonials to help us decide if we should book a stand?

You can view all exhibitor testimonials by visiting our testimonials page, we have hundreds of them!

What other companies use your Job Fairs?

Our Job Fairs are generic events and suitable to companies from all sectors. Please visit our Industries that Exhibit page to see the range of industries we support recruiting staff.

We accept companies recruiting for jobs, apprenticeships, training courses, voluntary roles, self-employed positions, and organisations who provide career support.

We do NOT accept Job Boards/Job Sites at our Job Fairs.

What sort of people do you get attending the Job Fairs? Demographics?

Our Job Fairs are open to people of all ages, ranging from 16-65+. They will include school leavers, graduates, people who have recently been made redundant and those who are just generally unemployed and looking to get back on the working ladder. Find out more info here.

How do you advertise the Job Fairs?

We have a marketing strategy that is deployed in every location we do Job Fairs. It is a top secret of ours, a bit like the fried chicken recipe to KFC. But rest assured knowing that it has successfully delivered hundreds of candidates per event since 2010. How do we attract candidates? - Find out more info on how we market our events here.

I want to drop off some equipment at the venue the night before, can I do this?

For deliveries pre-event, please speak directly with the venue to discuss arrangements. We can provide contact details on request. Goods/deliveries are left at the venues at your own risk. Job Fairs Ltd can't accept any responsibility for equipment lost, stolen, or damaged.

What time can we arrive to set up?

You can arrive from 9am to set up, the event will start at 10am.

Do you provide a table?

Yes, we provide table, table cloth and chairs.

Is there wifi?

Yes, wifi details will be available on the day.

Is there access to electric?

Yes, this can be arranged but you need to ask Jessica to add this to your booking.

How many candidates do you expect to attend?

The footfall varies on location, please ask Jessica for more information.

Can we bring a TV?

Yes you can bring a TV. Please make sure you request electric.

Can we bring a dog?

Sometimes this is possible, please check with Jessica.

Do I need to complete the booking form if I have already paid?

Yes, it is important that you complete the booking form as this helps us to better promote the event.

How do I get in the Jobs Fair Newspaper?

To find out how you can be in the Jobs Fair Newspaper view here.

How many people from our company can attend?

As many as you like, most companies bring 2-3 members of staff.

Do you run industry specific Job Fairs?

No, all our Job Fairs are generic we welcome companies from all industries/sectors.

What is our stand number?

We do not issue stand numbers at our Job Fairs. Upon arrival, our Event Team will direct you to your allocated stand.

Is there parking at the venue?

We will provide you with full parking information a week before the event when we send the setting up details. Should you require this information sooner, please ask Jessica.

Can we arrive earlier than 9am to set up?

If you need to arrive earlier than 9am please ask Jessica and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Do we need to send you our A4 vacancies before the event?

There is no need to send us your A4 vacancies, please take printed copies with you on the day to display on the Job Boards.

How big is our stand?

Your stand will be approx. 6ft wide, if your banner exceeds 6ft wide please let Jessica know.