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Job Hunting Tips


Always remember that when you are job hunting everyone you meet could be a future employer. So always be thinking when meeting new people that it might be someone who might help you get a job, or have connections to help you find employment.

Social Media.

More and More companies now have their own career/recruiting pages on Facebook, and on Linkedin they normally will advertise their current vacancies.

Linkedin profile.

This is another way of potential recruiters seeing your career history, and they can contact you directly. Linkedin also has job board that lists new vacancies every day, and they will also notify you of jobs that be suitable in the area you live.

Online platforms.

Websites that advertise current vacancies and will guide you through applying for the position.

Contacting recruiters directly.

Doing your own research on companies that you would like to apply shows initiative. This might be looking for recruiting e mail addresses via search engine then sending them your CV either by email or in the post.

Digital Footprint.

This is very important to think about a spring clean of any social media, anything that any future recruiter can search and find anything that might not show you in the best light. This might be status updates or pictures. Some employers do look up candidates on social media, rightly or wrongly this does happen and could give them wrong impression of you.

Be open minded.

This is one of the biggest problems when jobseekers look at vacancies, or recruiters it can sometimes be a presumption regarding the type of roles that will be offered. Always find out details first or do your research as you might disregard a fantastic opportunity by not having the correct details or have presumed about a role.

Learn from previous interviews.

Listen to feedback with open mind, or any mistakes noticed that you would do differently. This will help you in the recruitment process next time.