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From recruiters who attended...

"It's been a huge success for us! Absolutely fantastic! We hired 3 people and have 12 more coming in for interviews for a team leader & unit manager." (Coventry Jobs Fair, 15/11/2017)

Care UK

"Central, good attendance, well organised." (Oxford Jobs Fair, 17/11/2017)


"Great opportunity to meet a variety of candidates. " (Oxford Jobs Fair, 17/11/2017)

Marine Traffic

"Always good as central location! Attracts many jobseekers. " (Oxford Jobs Fair, 17/11/2017)


"Good footfall, and well organised!" (Coventry Jobs Fair, 15/11/2017)


"Very good.Good joining instructions!" (Coventry Jobs Fair, 16/11/2017)

Eden Futures

"Good location. Potential employment of staff." (Coventry Jobs Fair, 15/11/2017)

Radis Community Care

"Seems to be well known the fair, and very attractive to prospective candidates." (Wolverhampton Jobs Fair, 10/11/2017)

Raw Talent

"Well organised!! Good footfall!!" (Wolverhampton Jobs Fair, 10/11/2017)

National Express UK

"Lovely venue, and good amount of candidates!" (Wolverhampton Jobs Fair, 10/11/2017)

Digital Me

"Great way of meeting candidates in volume. " (Shrewsbury Jobs Fair, 10/11/2017)


"Excellent location & candidates!" (Shrewsbury Jobs Fair, 10/11/2017)

Shropshire Star

"Very productive! Ideal location. Friendly and helpful staff." (Shrewsbury Jobs Fair, 10/11/2017)

Coverage Care Services

"Good candidates and great location! " (Nottingham Jobs Fair, 08/11/2017)

DBC Training

"Well organised and helpful staff! Great turn out of candidates." (Nottingham Jobs Fair, 08/11/2017)

Kisimul Group

"We have had a lot of contact and interest in our positions." (Nottingham Jobs Fair , 08/11/2017)

VP Forensic LTD

"A good way of advertising jobs! " (Northampton Jobs fAIR, 03/11/2017)

Echo Personnel Ltd

"We had a lot of interest at our stand! Some good potential applicants." (Northampton Jobs Fair, 03/11/2017)


"Opportunity to promote the service" (Northampton Jobs Fair, 03/11/2017)


"Lots of prospective candidates!" (Portsmouth Jobs Fair, 01/11/2017)


"inform people about the organisation & generate interest from potential applicants. " (Portsmouth Jobs Fair, 01/11/2017)

Two Saints

"Great flow of candidates!" (Portsmouth Jobs Fair, 01/11/2017)


"Well run event that offers network opportunities as well recruitment!" (Hull Jobs Fair, 01/11/2017)

Napoleons Casino & Restaurant

"Very good layout! Hosts very attentive to our needs." (Hull Jobs Fair, 01/11/2017)


"Good Turnout, lots of different candidates." (Hull Jobs Fair, 01/11/2017)

Kingston Restaurants LTD

"Well advertised. Super friendly staff! Great selection of candidates, and the layout allowed people to browse & feel comfortable. Based on the applicants today, we feel sure that we will fill our roles." (Liverpool Jobs Fair, 27/10/2017)

Manpower - BT

"We got a lot of interest from various people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds." (Liverpool Jobs Fair, 27/10/2017)


"The event was very advertised so lot of candidates arrived." (Liverpool Jobs Fair, 27/10/2017)

Homecarers Liverpool LTD

"We always use the Jobs Fair due to the helpful staff and the enthusiastic candidates. " (Birmingham Jobs Fair, 27/10/2017)

JBC Skills Training

"Great organisation of an event! Great opportunity to meet potential employees!" (Birmingham Jobs Fair, 27/10/2017)

Thames Water

"All the delegates were of a good quality! The central location also helps create awareness of the fair." (Birmingham Jobs Fair, 27/10/2017)

Virgin Media

"Very helpful staff on the day of event, they even carried my equipment for me!" (Bristol Jobs Fairs, 25/10/2017)

First Point

"All communication is good and well organised event! " (Bristol Jobs Fair, 25/10/2017)


"Good quality candidates! Overall really positive day." (Bristol Jobs Fair, 25/10/2017)


"Wide range of candidates! Very busy! " (Bournemouth Jobs Fair, 25/10/2017)


"Well organised! Great turn out!" (Bournemouth Jobs Fair, 25/10/2017)

Paragon Skills

"Fantastic calibre of candidates today! " (Bournemouth Jobs Fair, 25/10/2017)


"Great standard of candidates! Great fair!" (Manchester Jobs Fair, 20/10/2017)


"Great flow of candidates." (Manchester Jobs Fair, 20/10/2017)


"Well organised, great space & well attended. " (Manchester Jobs Fair, 20/10/2017)

Creative Support

"Easy booking system, very polite and friendly. Good Location! " (Southampton Jobs Fair, 18/10/2017)

Pulse Community Healthcare

"Good way to meet potential employees face to face" (Southampton Jobs Fair, 18/10/2017)

Two Saints

"Good. Friendly Staff and the stands were well planned." (Southampton Jobs Fair, 18/10/2017)


"Well attended event! Excellent fair." (Reading Jobs Fair, 13/10/2017)


"Good footfall of people attending from the local area." (Reading Jobs Fair, 13/10/2017)


"Good Brand, friendly staff! Steady flow of quality candidates. " (Reading Jobs Fair, 13/10/2017)

Paddy Power

"Good for recruiting for our jobs." (Exeter Jobs Fair, 12/10/2017)

Skills Group

"Good venue. Efficient service. Very friendly environment." (Exeter Jobs fair, 12/10/2017)

Wesc Foundation

"Good footfall and appropriate candidates." (Exeter Jobs Fair, 11/10/2017)


"The event was well presented, and organised." (Plymouth Jobs Fair, 11/10/2017)


"Great event with loads of interest." (Plymouth Jobs Fair, 11/10/2017)

Royal Mencap Society

"Very accommodating, and the staff very cheerful & helpful. " (Plymouth Jobs Fair, 11/10/2017)

National Careers Service

"Very good! Positive result!" (Ipswich Jobs Fair, 06/10/2017)

Greensleeves Care

"Good turnover of people " (Ipswich jobs Fair, 06/10/2017)

Tactical Solutions

"Great for brand recognition and meeting candidates." (Ipswich Jobs Fair, 06/10/2017)

Opus People Solutions

"Well advertised,busy and steady flow of people. Staff very helpful!" (Newcastle Jobs Fair , 04/10/2017)


"High level of foot fall throughout the day! Great event!" (Newcastle Jobs Fair, 04/10/2017)


"Very well organised, great communication, and great spot in the hall." (Newcastle Jobs Fair, 04/10/2017)

Parkdean Resorts

"Well organised! Well attended!" (Colchester Jobs Fair, 27/09/2017)


"Steady flow of people throughout session. Easy set up and helpful staff!" (Colchester Jobs Fair, 27/09/2017)


"Great event, easy to book and get set up. Jobs Fair staff are very responsive!" (Colchester Jobs Fair, 27/09/2017)


"Busy! Constant Engagement. " (Leeds Jobs Fair, 29/09/2017)

RN/RM Careers

"Great Location, lovely company! Always a lot of candidates." (Leeds Jobs Fair, 29/09/2017)

Hales Group

"Well organised. Lots of candidates! " (Leeds Jobs Fair, 29/09/2017)

Community Integrated Care

"Well organised! Well attended! " (Colchester Jobs Fair, 27/09/2017)


"Steady flow of people throughout session! Easy set up + helpful staff." (Colchester Jobs Fair, 27/09/2017)


"Great event, and it was easy to book! Easy to set up, and the Jobs Fair staff are very responsive. " (Colchester Jobs Fair, 27/09/2017)


"The event was well organised + well attended with people suitable for the roles we are looking to fill." (Stratford Jobs Fair, 22/09/2017)

Lawmens LTD

"Great Experience! Really busy. Looking forward to more fairs in the London area." (Stratford Jobs Fair, 22/09/2017)


"Brilliant space! Easy set up, great location, amazing turnout also really good for networking. The staff are very helpful & supportive!" (Stratford Jobs Fair , 22/09/2017)

Lika Family Fostering

"Nice friendly place for people to come and have chat about possible careers." (Stoke On Trent Jobs Fair, 20/09/2017)

Affinity Trust

"Lots of people came, and very friendly event organiser. " (Stoke On Trent Jobs Fair, 20/09/2017)

Alton Towers

"Very well organised. Thank you for all the support. " (Norwich Jobs Fair, 20/09/2017)

F1 Training

"Great event! The busiest one yet!!" (Norwich Jobs Fair, 20/09/2017)


"This event had great footfall, and very diverse audience." (Norwich Jobs Fair, 20/09/2017)


"Busy event with lots of people and very helpful staff." (Peterborough Jobs Fair, 15/09/2017)


"A lot footfall, and plenty of opportunity." (Peterborough Jobs Fair, 15/09/2017)

Mi Homecare

"Very busy, good candidates." (Peterborough Jobs Fair, 15/09/2017)

Ambitions Personnel

"Busy Fair! Great applicants! Well advertised. " (Sheffield Jobs Fair, 13/09/2017)

Affinity Trust

"Fantastic way to meet potential candidates in this area where it is normally difficult to recruit." (Sheffield Jobs Fair, 13/09/2017)


"Very welcoming. Great set up and brilliant location." (Sheffield Jobs Fair , 13/09/2017)


"The Jobs Fair was very well represented, and provided great space for each exhibitor. " (Telford Jobs Fair, 08/09/2017)

Restless Development

"Great variety of applicants & steady flow of people." (Telford Jobs Fair, 08/09/2017)

Epson LTD

"Footfall was great! Getting better, and better." (Telford Jobs Fair, 08/09/2017)

TCS Recruitment

"A good turn out of perspective applicants. " (Leicester Jobs Fairs, 08/09/2017)


"Good amount of people. Interest in our employment opportunities, very well organised. " (Leicester Jobs Fair, 08/09/2017)


"Very good advertising! Good location! Very Busy!" (Leicester Jobs Fair, 08/09/2017)


"We had lots of interest, which is fantastic. " (Brighton Jobs Fair, 06/09/2017)

Compass Community

"Nice amount of people! Well organised. Everything I expected. " (Brighton Jobs Fair, 06/09/2017)

Health and Education Recruitment

"Organisation and coordination has been excellent again! " (Brighton Jobs Fair, 06/09/2017)


"Friendly, and welcoming staff. Very busy fair." (Ealing Jobs Fair, 01/09/2017)

National Careers Service

"Great Staff, very well organised event. Full of relevant candidates. Very busy as well. " (Ealing Jobs Fair, 01/09/2017)


"Very well managed! We met many potential candidates." (Ealing Jobs Fair, 01/09/2017)

Fit For Sport

"Very organised, great location. Very helpful, great flow of candidates. " (Cheltenham Jobs Fair, 25/08/2017)

Turning Point

"We enjoyed the chance to interact with different types of candidates." (Cheltenham Jobs Fair, 25/08/2017)

Jockey Club

"Good exposure for new business, good day of interaction " (Cheltenham Jobs Fair, 25/08/2017)

Mr Mulligans Golf

"Definitely would recommend to other compaines " (Hull Jobs Fair, 30/08/2017)

Principal Resourcing

"Hassle free, very efficient, very friendly staff and well organised. " (Hull Jobs Fair, 30/08/2017)

MC4C -

"Great way of meeting new candidates rather than online. " (Hull Jobs Fair, 30/08/2017)

City Works

"Helpful staff, easy set up, and good location." (Coventry, 23/08/2017)

First Utility

"A great experience! I would definitely would recommend these fairs. " (Coventry, 23/08/2017)

Reed In Partnership

"I would recommend you to other kinds of business." (Coventry, 23/08/2017)

WH Malcolm

"Very good quality of candidates." (Milton Keynes, 18/08/2017)


"Always a great event, also good footfall and well organised as always." (Milton Keynes, 18/08/2017)

Able Care LTD

"Well organised, and very professional " (Milton Keynes, 18/08/2017)

Hillary's Blinds LTD

"We have had several good starters from the Jobs Fair! We have booked 2018 already." (Cambridge, 16/08/2017)

Able Care Agency Ltd

"Enjoyed the event! Secured the appropriate candidates. Great Day! " (Cambridge, 16/08/2017)

Nurse Plus

"Professionally managed, good attendance/well promoted. " (Cambridge, 16/08/2017)


"Good opportunity to meet with candidates to conduct informal interviews." (Cardiff, 11/08/2017)


"First time & didn't know if it would work for us? But it it did!" (Cardiff, 11/08/2017)

Orange Box

"Very well planned and lots of attendees." (Cardiff, 11/08/2017)


"The application was easy process, and the event was well advertised as many candidates turned up." (Swansea, 10/08/2017)

Grosvenor Casino Swansea

"Good experience, and very well organised. " (Swansea, 10/08/2017)

Walsingham Support

"Very well organised! Day was set up very well, not too overcrowded. Pleasant staff and location ideal. " (Swansea, 10/08/2017)


"Love the Jobs Fair! Thanks for accommodating us to open up the fair to teens. " (Derby, 09/08/2017)

Juniper Training

"Good service and Footfall! Good Location! " (Derby, 09/08/2017)

Patton Air

"Very good level of attendance. Good location. " (Derby, 09/08/2017)

First Source

"We had successful day! " (Nottingham, 09/08/2017)


"Well set out and sign-posted. Good attendance by prospective applicants, hopefully leading to future employees." (Nottingham, 09/08/2017)

Autism East Midlands

"Really popular! Once we got into the swing of the fair." (Nottingham, 09/08/2017)

Stephenson College

"Yes. Good Layout, good quality of candidates. Would always use again in Scotland!" (Glasgow, 04/08/2017)

Sixth Sense Training

"The two job fairs I attended have had big turnouts, and these are very well organised." (Glasgow, 04/08/2017)

Wesser LTD

"I feel this was very beneficial to our company and I feel we got lot of interest in the roles we are recruiting for." (Glasgow, 04/08/2017)

SEC Food

"Great for a wide reach for recruitment. " (Middlesbrough, 02/08/2017)


"Really well organised." (Middlesborugh, 02/08/2017)

Costa Coffee

"Very beneficial in our recruitment for a new site in the town." (Middlesbrough, 02/08/2017)

Bistrot Pierre

"Good opportunity to see numerous candidates." (Reading, 28/07/2017)


"Well organised - Variety of attendees " (Reading, 28/07/2017)


"We had a very positive experience and we attracted lots of interest. " (Reading, 28/07/2017)

Priors Court

"Good quality and range of people attending." (Birmingham, 26/07/2017)

Uni Of Wolverhampton

"Very Helpful! Very useful for our target market." (Birmingham, 26/07/2017)


"This is my 3rd time at one of the job fairs, best experience today by far! Calibre of candidates was excellent. They were well equipped and were a pleasure to talk to. " (Birmingham, 26/07/2017)

Better Bathroom

"Always a pleasure to work with such a well - organised and well publicised organisation." (Ipswich, 21/07/2017)


"Great opportunity to meet multiple candidates." (Ipswich, 21/07/2017)

Thera East

"Excellent! Well organised and helpful." (Ipswich, 21/07/2017)


"I just wanted to drop you an email after last week Recruitment Fair. The event was a real success for us with us speaking to over 200 candidates, which covered all sectors within our business, and we are already at interview stage with some of the candidates – so a great success for us. The event was a great location and the footfall was brilliant, we were at the stage that we couldn’t keep up and actually had lost our voices by the end of the event." (Glasgow, 04/08/2017)

Top Staff Employment

"Excellent number of candidates from a variety of backgrounds. " (Stoke on Trent, 19/07/2017)

Reed in Partnership

"Steady flow of candidates all day. It was well advertised and signposted. " (Stoke on Trent, 19/07/2017)

Absolute Solutions Group

"Fun day, lots of candidates! Had some really good convos. " (Manchester, 14/07/2017)


"Looks very professional and there are plenty of helpful Job Fair Staff if you need any assistance. " (Manchester, 14/07/2017)

Vodafone UK

"Very helpful team and the event was well organised. There was a great turnout!" (Manchester, 14/07/2017)


"We picked up some great candidates here today. " (Worcester, 14/07/2017)

Safe Hands Recruitment

"Good central location, impressive venue and as a whole, was very well received. " (Worcester, 14/07/2017)


"Good networking for new business as well as staff. " (Worcester, 14/07/2017)

Civi Care

"Very well organised and well attended. " (Norwich, 12/07/2017)

F1 Training

"Great organisation and a great day once again. " (Norwich, 12/07/2017)

Heritage Will Writers

"Prestige have been using The Job Fairs for sometime now and have always found them to be helpful and organised. " (Norwich, 12/07/2017)

Prestige Nursing

"Very good venue for advertising your company. There is plenty of footfall and interest. This is our second time attending in Norwich and we are happy with the response we are getting. " (Norwich, 12/07/2017)

Contract Personnel

"Very helpful for meeting new recruits. This is our seventh Jobs Fair with you and we will be coming back. " (Norwich, 12/07/2017)

ABC Taxis

"Good response from candidates today, it was much better than expected. We are very pleased. " (Portsmouth, 12/07/2017)

Driver Hire

"Good candidates coming through the doors and a great opportunity to network with other businesses. " (Portsmouth, 12/07/2017)

Peter Symonds College

"Plenty of footfall and a good size space for our displays. We have had a lot of applicants and would like to come again. " (Portsmouth, 12/07/2017)

BS Care

"Met a few candidates today that could be converted into employees. " (Portsmouth, 12/07/2017)

Wren Kitchens

"Lots of footfall and easy to engage with visiting applicants." (Northampton, 07/07/2017)


"Really valuable and productive day. Thank you!" (Northampton, 07/07/2017)


"Brilliant day, well worth it. Great venue and staff. The candidates were of good calibre. " (Northampton, 07/07/2017)


"Excellent - We will attend again!" (Bristol, 05/07/2017)

Mainline Employment

"Our company has been to lots of careers fairs and this has been by far the most productive. The calibre of candidates were amazing and the staff were so friendly. Can't wait to come back!" (Bristol, 05/07/2017)


"The staff were very helpful. We are very pleased with the outcome of today and will definitely be participating in future Job Fairs. " (Bristol, 05/07/2017)


"Had a lovely day at the Jobs Fair. The staff were fab!" (Bristol, 05/07/2017)

Avon Cosmetics

"Well advertised, we have used Job Fairs many times before and have found them to be very effective." (Bournemouth, 30/06/2017)

Nurse Plus UK

"Great turnout of jobseekers who were very engaging. This has been our best Job Fair yet!" (Portsmouth, 30/06/2017)

The Training Room

"Busy today with various applicants to our roles. They were good professionals. " (Bournemouth, 30/06/2017)

Mploy Staffing Solutions

"Good footfall with a lot of candidates expressing their interest in our roles. " (Sheffield, 28/06/2017)

Educare Staffing

"Good turnout and a good location. " (Sheffield, 28/06/2017)


"Very well set up and lovely approachable staff. " (Sheffield, 28/06/2017)


"Great footfall here today, it's a brilliant opportunity for us to meet candidates that wouldn't normally apply. " (Leicester, 28/06/2017)


"The event was very well organised and in an excellent location. We will definitely partake in other Leicester Jobs Fair. " (Leicester, 28/06/2017)

A La Carte Recruitment

"Thank you very much for having HSBC here. We have got quite a lot of contact names from this!" (Leicester, 28/06/2017)


"Very organised and helpful. It was a great opportunity to network. " (SW18 Wandsworth, 23/06/2017)

Learn Direct

"Received a very friendly welcome and the overall atmosphere in the fair was good. " (SW18 Wandsworth, 23/06/2017)

Juice Plus

"I think Job Fairs are a great way to market and advertise, they generate great awareness and interest. " (SW18 Wandsworth, 23/06/2017)

Alina Homecare

"We enjoyed it. Everything was very good. " (SW18 Wandsworth, 23/06/2017)

Tiens UK Ltd

"I would recommend Job Fairs as we have successfully taken details of many people looking to work for us. The Job Fairs are a very good organisation with friendly and accommodating staff. " (SW18 Wandsworth, 23/06/2017)

Teaching Personnel

"Very good location for us, the event was busy. " (SW18 Wandsworth, 23/06/2017)

South Thames College

"Great venue and helpful Job Fair staff. We have booked again because we have found this event so good!" (Brighton, 21/06/2017)

Health Education England

"Brilliant turnout, we're very pleased. " (Brighton, 21/06/2017)

Overline Network

"I found the day really well managed both in advance of the fair and on the day. " (Brighton, 21/06/2017)

Southdown Housing Association

"Simple process, affordable and good exposure. " (Brighton, 21/06/2017)

The Southern Co-op

"I just wanted to thank you guys for having us at the event. My staff that attended thoroughly enjoyed the day." (Hull, 31/05/2017)

Hull CVs

"We attend most Job Fairs, it is really useful for our company. Aaron in particular today was very helpful from The Job Fairs. " (Colchester, 21/06/2017)

Nova Training

"Good local opportunity to engage with potential learners and employers. " (Colchester, 21/06/2017)

Learning & Skills Solutions

"There has been a lot people come to the event today. We would use you again. " (Colchester, 21/06/2017)

Leading Lives

"Great level of footfall. " (Telford, 16/06/2017)

D.B. Roberts

"Good opportunity to meet candidates and for us to talk to candidates about what we do!" (Telford, 16/06/2017)

Cruckton Hall School

"Well set out. Good turnout. Very Professional. " (Telford, 16/06/2017)

Sanctuary Housing

"Well run event. The Jobs Fair are a good company and always professional in their approach. " (Peterborough, 14/06/2017)

Reed in Partnership

"Have received interested candidates today which has boosted all recruitment!" (Peterborough, 14/06/2017)


"A good flow of candidates and it was well advertised. The Staff were excellent. " (Peterborough, 14/06/2017)

Nurse Plus

"We have completed a few Job Fairs across the country already and we have found they are very good at finding people to employ to our company." (Oxford, 09/06/2017)

Tactical Solutions

"Well organised and well attended." (Oxford, 09/06/2017)

National Careers Service

"We found it to be very successful and we gained a lot from the experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the day." (Oxford, 09/06/2017)

G-Force Logistics

"Busiest Jobs Fair I have attended to date." (Gloucester, 07/06/2017)

Voyage Care

"Fantastic turnout and lots of interest. It's a great way to recruit and build interest in your company. " (Gloucester, 07/06/2017)

Nurse Plus

"The event was very well organised and the event coordinators were very approachable, the quality of jobseekers was also very high!" (Gloucester, 07/06/2017)


"Excellent location, very busy. We managed to find lots of candidates for our roles." (Hull, 31/05/2017)

Principal Resourcing

"Been an excellent event, good turnout of people and well organised by the Job Fair Staff." (Hull, 31/05/2017)

Payment Sense

"Large volume of candidates, met some who were really passionate about the sector." (Hull, 31/05/2017)

Avocet Trust

"Good way of meeting potential candidates. " (Bedford, 02/06/2017)


"Easy to book, central location and a good pitch. " (Bedford, 02/06/2017)

Provident Financial

"Used you for over a year now and always will!" (Bedford, 02/06/2017)

Care Solutions Group

"Good set-up, helpful staff and it was busy!" (Leeds, 19/05/2017)


"All information before the fair was communicated brilliantly and we're happy with the interest we received from potential candidates. " (Leeds, 19/05/2017)


"Good networking venue, with good attraction. " (Leeds, 19/05/2017)


"1st Job Fair we've attended. Lots of potential candidates and we hope to re book for either the August or November event." (Nottingham, 17/05/2017)


"The volume of attendees clearly justify attending. Keep doing what you're doing, it clearly works well." (Nottingham, 17/05/2017)

Intec Business Colleges

"Really good turnout from candidates and jobseekers, had some great conversations. " (Nottingham, 17/05/2017)


"Well organised, great location, good facilities, east set-up and clear instructions." (Wolverhampton, 12/05/2017)

Talent Match

"Busy day! We have about 5/6 candidates that we will be looking to take on. " (Wolverhampton, 12/05/2017)

Ark Health

"This has been very useful, we've had good exposure to more candidates." (Wolverhampton, 12/05/2017)

Home Bargains

"This is one of the best ones we have attended, great candidates and busy as well. " (MK, 10/05/2017)


"We have used you 5 times now and have successfully employed at least 1 person from each fair!" (MK, 10/05/2017)

MK Surveys

"A good opportunity to meet people that wouldn't normally apply. " (MK, 10/05/2017)


"Even though it was the first Job Fair in Shrewsbury, there was a lot of interest! We previously attended in Telford and have been successful in filling vacancies on both occasions. " (Shrewsbury, 03/05/2017)

Precision Colour Printing

"Very professional, Aaron has been very helpful!" (Shrewsbury, 03/05/2017)

Key Care & Support

"Well planned and executed. The footfall was good and it was clearly well advertised." (Shrewsbury, 03/05/2017)

PGL Group

"Very well organised and obviously advertised well! It is really useful that you are based across the UK as we have services all over. " (Reading, 28/04/2017)

Hightown Housing Association

"It's a very good opportunity to meet new job candidates. I would like to take part again. " (Reading, 28/04/2017)

The Disabilities Trust

"Really busy, a variety of people and a constant flow of people. " (Reading, 28/04/2017)

Teaching Personnel

"Easy to book a stand. The Booking & on the day staff were great. " (Reading, 28/04/2017)

The Real Greek

"Great opportunity to advertise our job vacancies and talk to people face-to-face. Great atmosphere and very friendly staff." (Reading, 28/04/2017)


"Great location at the top of the stairs, had all the candidates waiting at our desk handing in CV's, it's been great! " (Bristol, 26/04/2017)

Directline Group

"Excellent central location & services. It is always good!" (Bristol, 26/04/2017)


"Lots of interest - very busy! " (Bristol, 26/04/2017)

Protocol Education

"Very busy. Emailed lots of people today and we will be able to track the drop through rate! Much better than we expected it to be." (Bristol, 26/04/2017)


"Very busy productive day! " (Stoke on Trent, 21/04/2017)


"Well organised and well attended! Excellent. " (Stoke on Trent, 21/04/2017)


"I have been attending Job Fairs for the last few years and the more I attend, the better the response has been. " (Stoke on Trent, 21/04/2017)

Park Foster Care

"Very good turnout and facilities. The Job Fair is in an ideal location. " (Stoke on Trent, 21/04/2017)

Alton Towers

"Really good vibe today. Keep up the great work. " (Stoke on Trent, 21/04/2017)

Bet 365

"Well organised with lots of footfall! We would like to come again. " (Norwich, 19/04/2017)

Norwich Gas Centre

"Great way to meet potential candidates and put our brand across. We'd like to use Norwich again!" (Norwich, 19/04/2017)


"Found this Jobs Fair very good for enabling us to recruit some PDI's to join the Norfolk Team! Amazing venue and very helpful staff. " (Norwich, 19/04/2017)

System Driving School

"Well organised and well run. It is a good way to meet potential candidates and also promote the business. " (Norwich, 19/04/2017)

Heritage Will Writers

"Very high attendance and we will be at the Bristol Job Fair at the end of the month. " (Newcastle, 12/04/2017)

L and C Mortgages

"This must have been well promoted as the event was very well attended. The candidates were well presented and really interested in what was on offer. " (Newcastle, 12/04/2017)

Group Horizon

"Very busy, great advertising, lots of footfall and genuine interest. " (Newcastle, 12/04/2017)


"The staff were attentive and there was a good flow of candidates.The set-up was also very professional. " (Newcastle, 12/04/2017)

Care Visions

"We felt very supported throughout the day and it was very busy which was great. " (Newcastle, 12/04/2017)

Age UK

"Very accessible and informative. The Job Fair staff were a great help and the visiting candidates were enthusiastic and passionate." (Manchester, 05/04/2017)

Chrysalis Courses

"Very busy day! Lot of interest with some really great candidates. " (Manchester, 05/04/2017)

Connected To Talent

"Great turnout, lot of people attended. A great day. " (Manchester, 05/04/2017)

Leonard Cheshire Disability

"Lots of attraction/visitors! This has been good for candidate attraction and brand awareness. " (Manchester, 05/04/2017)


"Well advertised with a good turnout. We will recruit a few from today so it was definitely worthwhile!" (Ipswich, 29/03/2017)


"This was our first experience today of a Jobs Fair and we would definitely consider using you again for the future." (Ipswich, 29/03/2017)

Gallagher Bassett

"There was a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets on show today. The staff were also very helpful." (Ipswich, 29/03/2017)

Orwell Housing Association

"Very well attended. If I had 100 jobs I could have filled them today." (Great Yarmouth, 22/03/2017)

DTS Solutions

"Good set-up, great facilities and very well organised." (Great Yarmouth, 22/03/2017)


"Well organised event in a good location. We would definitely look to attend again should we have the vacancies!" (Great Yarmouth, 22/03/2017)

Lucas and Wyllys

"Great interest and a great opportunity to talk about our development positions. We would love to take part in the Summer Jobs Fair." (Cardiff, 24/03/2017)

Home Bargains

"From booking to the day of the event, the staff at the Job Fair were very helpful. We have had a good amount of interest from today." (Cardiff, 24/03/2017)


"We think the Job Fairs are a great experience for any company, we would definitely recommend you." (Cardiff, 24/03/2017)


"Really great turnout, we are very pleased and will definitely be booking with you guys again." (Cardiff, 24/03/2017)


"Good crowd, efficient set-up and friendly staff." (Swansea, 22/03/2017)

Open University

"We have met some great candidates today. " (Swansea, 22/03/2017)

Sterling Talent Solutions

"Well organised! We hope the Swansea event in August goes ahead." (Swansea, 22/03/2017)


"The staff were very friendly and it was a well organised event. It offered us not only good numbers of candidates but great networking opportunities. We will definitely be back. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)

Juniper Training

"Very professional and helpful. We will definitely be back again. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)


"Easy to join as an exhibitor with good welcoming on the day of the event. It was well attended by members of the public today. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)

Direct Help and Advice

"Excellent event overall, good level of flow of people. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)

CT Skills

"This has been very good. We have had a large number of candidates and we would 100% be using you again. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)

Ambitions Personnel

"The footfall today was high and continual. We got good results for enquiries. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)

Five Rivers

"Well organised event with friendly and helpful staff. A steady flow of visiting candidates throughout the event. " (Derby, 15/03/2017)

Guidant Group

"Good set-up at a good location. The staff were sweet, nice and accommodating. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Platinum Care Solutions

"Great contact with the community and great interaction. Farren was also very friendly and helpful. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Army Aircorps

"Very busy Job Fair and a good standard of candidates. We have enjoyed our day and would come back to another. " (Portsmouth , 08/03/2017)

Somerset Care

"We've had a very successful day today and we have had some good calibre candidates. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Care UK

"It was a good attendance today with a good calibre of applicants. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)


"A professional service at a beautiful building. Decent turnout today. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Plastic Surgeon

"A well organised and well run event. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Steve Willis Training Ltd

"We will recommend this to our management team. This has been a better response than we anticipated! " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

South Coast Executive Travel

"Good joining instructions and communication prior to the event and excellent support on the day of the event. " (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Affinity Trust

"We have registered many relevant students today." (Portsmouth, 08/03/2017)

Teaching Personnel

"We recruited at The Jobs Fair and from a cost saving perspective it is incredibly good because we would have had to spend about £2000 to recruit a Customer Services staff member so this under 25 % of that. I was at the event with 2 other staff who have never been to a Jobs Fair and they were both really impressed. " (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Legal and General

"It worked really well, we had 40 people give us their details and had 10 completed applications and had 5 good quality applicants and we hired all them." (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Imagine Mental Health

"We hired someone at The Jobs Fair for our own office and also had 2 other candidates who we placed and who started work the following day. " (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Quattro Recruitment

"At one point today we had a queue, we’ve had a lot more experienced people, really good." (Northampton, 01/03/2017)

Nurse Plus

"We’ve hired a couple of people from our first Jobs Fair and we’ve seen about 100 today and got about 6 good ones to look at." (Northampton, 01/03/2017)


"We hired a really good person from the last Colchester Jobs Fair we went to and we’ve got more today." (Colchester, 15/02/2017)

Waldegrave Leisure Park

"We’ve hired 3 people from Colchester Jobs Fairs before, you’ve never disappointed us and we will be back again. It’s busier than last time, it’s always well organised and you put a lot of energy into it." (Colchester, 15/02/2017)


"Usually when we go to these kind of events, if we find one candidate then it’s worthwhile but we’ve got seven today. " (Peterborough, 24/02/2017)

Fowler Welch

"The event went very smoothly and it was easy to attend and set up. Great turnout." (Gloucester, 01/03/2017)

National Star

"Good variety of skill sets and interest from prospective candidates." (Gloucester, 01/03/2017)

Home Bargains

"Good candidates and a good amount of them! Good central location." (Gloucester, 01/03/2017)


"Well advertised and promoted and well organised too. Great event and would recommend and use you again." (Gloucester, 01/03/2017)

Learn Direct

"Great Opportunity to contact candidates directly. Well organised." (Gloucester, 01/03/2017)


"Good footfall. Easy to book with good communication." (Gloucester, 01/03/2017)

CC Projects

"First time doing a Jobs Fair and this has been a great experience, we would definitely recommend you!" (Northampton , 01/03/2017)

SD Taylor

"This has been a great way to promote our company and meet prospective employees." (Northampton, 01/03/2017)

Recol Ltd

"Lots of candidates with relevant skills. " (Northampton, 01/03/2017)

Cabot Financial

"The fair has been very well supported with good footfall" (Northampton, 01/03/2017)

Five Rivers

"The footfall today was excellent. There was a real buzz." (Northampton, 01/03/2017)

People Plus

"Very good turnout, I would definitely recommend you. " (Peterborough, 24/02/2017)

Royal Navy

"Good calibre of people with a great footfall. Lots of potential candidates." (Peterborough, 24/02/2017)


"Overall was a good event, with lots of people attending looking for work." (Peterborough, 24/02/2017)


"Professionally organised and well run! We’d like to come to the next Peterborough event." (Peterborough, 24/02/2017)


"Large footfall, plenty of potential candidates." (Peterborough, 24/02/2017)

Scoots Hire

"Great experience for us and we believe we have found some strong candidates today. The Job Fair staff were very helpful and approachable. " (Leicester, 22/02/2017)

Raymond James

"This is a good recruitment tool, the footfall was actually much higher than we expected." (Leicester, 22/02/2017)

C and C Healthcare

"Well organised, well equipped in a good location and at an affordable price! We will be sharing your calendar with our other offices." (Leicester, 22/02/2017)

Juniper Training

"The Jobs Fair was definitely a great opportunity to meet potential candidates. The Job Fair staff were very well organised and welcoming. " (Leicester, 22/02/2017)

Mimosa Staffing

"Great footfall and a great stand location! The staff were really friendly and the venue was also impressive." (Leicester, 22/02/2017)


"Very successful day for recruiting HCA’s, SW’s and RGN’s!" (Sheffield, 17/02/2017)

Educare Staffing

"Great fair and staff location" (Sheffield, 17/02/2017)

Virgin Media

"Good venue, very busy and very well set-up. It was a good experience that got our name out there and live-in care more recognised." (Sheffield, 17/02/2017)

Oxford Aunts

"I thought it was really busy and it was good that everyone came to see us and speak to us about our roles. It was also a good venue with lots of space." (Sheffield, 17/02/2017)

One to One Support Services

"Lots of people attended, looking at a wide range of positions. It has been useful to engage with potential candidates." (Sheffield, 17/02/2017)

Learning Unlimited

"Lots of jobseekers attended today’s fair. It was a very positive experience." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

RNIB Pears Centre

"Good footfall, well organised and at a fair price." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Eden Hotel Collection

"Well organised, easy to book and in a good location. There was plenty of footfall today with lots of potential candidates." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Aubrey Allen

"Fantastic events, been to 2 now and both were well worth attending. Not just for the great candidates but also the networking opportunities and the staff are great." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

JBC Skills Training

"Good location with a good reception and flow of candidates." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Runwood Homes

"The location was fantastic and we’ve had lots of interested people today." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

National Express

"Well attended event in a nice location." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

GMS Group

"Good number of applicants signed up, it was also a good location with friendly and helpful staff." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Jockey Club Catering

"This is the 2nd Job fair we’ve been too and both events have had a good flow of people. The candidates were good and came from a mixture of backgrounds." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Accord Group

"Lots of interesting jobseekers who were very friendly and interested in the roles. We would be looking at using Job Fairs again." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)


"Very good communication prior to the event and easy to find upon arrival. Aaron from The Job Fairs did a great job of running the event and making us feel comfortable." (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Global Teacher Recruitment

"We have had a lot of people take interest in our courses today; it’s been a fantastic day!" (Coventry, 10/02/2017)

Netcom Training

“Had a good response today, staff was very helpful!” (Reading, 08/02/2017)

Virgin Atlantic Airways

“The event was very well organised and attracted a good range of motivated jobseekers.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)


“Interacted with numerous viable candidates today, it was a nice location with helpful staff.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)

Source Group

“A well laid out Jobs Fair with helpful staff.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)


“The day has been very well organised. Lots of people attended and we’ve got some potential employees. This event has helped with recruiting potential applicants and we would like to attend the Watford Jobs Fair.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)

Hightown Housing

“A great way to promote brand to local people.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)

Kare Plus

“From a visiting candidate point of view, this has been very productive. It’s been reasonably busy today.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)

Compass Group

“Good visibility of our stand and there were quality candidates coming through.” (Reading, 08/02/2017)

Black Jack Promotions

“Always well organised and planned. Aaron from The Job Fairs was fab as always and the candidates attending were of an excellent calibre.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)


“It’s a nice venue and we’ve had lots of interest today from the visiting candidates.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Sussex Healthcare

“Well promoted and at a great location. We also had plenty of space to operate our stand and there were a lot of people who attended in our specific market segment.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Hove College

“We have had an excellent response from those attending today. The location was great and Aaron was particularly helpful, always there to support us throughout.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Health Education England

“This was very well organised, we are booked in for the whole calendar of Job Fairs this year.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Royal Navy

“We’ve used your Job Fairs before and would do so again, it’s been busy.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Clece Care Services

“Repeatedly a good source of candidates walking through. Aaron from The Job Fairs was extremely helpful and the quality of people was excellent.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)


“Helpful staff, helping us to both organise and set-up our stand on the day. We would be interested in coming again.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)


“There is always a good attendance and quality of people at all these Job Fairs.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Gatwick Airport

“Been a good day – lots of footfall! This is great way to meet people and not have to read 200 CVs!” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Xoom Talk

“Lots of people turned out for the Jobs Fair today, which is good!” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Black Sheep Utilities

“Really good Jobs Fair, very successful” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)

Nurse Plus

“Busy throughout the event, mixed range of candidates and experience.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)


“Clean venue with friendly Job Fair staff. I will be using Job Fairs again in Shropshire and the West Midlands. We had a good few hours here today and hopefully some staff will be recruited!” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

Clarriots Care

“Today has been really good and busy. We had lots of interest from the visiting people and the event was signed clearly and was nicely set out. Also, the staff were friendly and helpful.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

Accord Group

“A great way to engage with candidates and promote our employment opportunities. We had a great response from jobseekers to our stand today." (Telford, 03/02/2017)


“Good turnout with two new starters from this event already, excellent results. The event has been advertised very well as the public have a wide knowledge of the location and times of the Jobs Fair.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

Luceco PLC

“There was a good footfall today and we had a lot of interest.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

TLM Marketing

“A great way to meet potential candidates and carry out mini interviews. We would now be interested in Shrewsbury.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

Network Telecom

“Excellent day.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

Safe hands Recruitment

“Busy, wide age range and good for networking and showing off our vacancies. Very positive experience, thanks to the staff and candidates for a good day.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)

Proactive Personnel

“It’s been good, we have had lots of enquiries at this Telford event. We are already booked and looking forward to Shrewsbury.” (Telford, 03/02/2017)


“I just wanted to say how superb Aaron Jones was yesterday in helping us at the above Fair. I realised quite early on that we should have brought some job adverts with us for the board. Aaron not only kindly leant us his personal laptop to cut and paste jobs onto Word, he then arranged for us to get them printed off and put onto the job board in a prominent position. Later on in the day we realised someone had taken our table of salary scales and again Aaron arranged for us to have some copies printed off. Aaron efficient and we will definitely be interested to learn about further Job Fairs at Jury’s Inn in 2017.” (Brighton, 08/02/2017)


“Friendly staff and we picked up some really good candidates.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Hales Group

“Well organised and attended.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

The Army

“Very well organised with a good mixture of people and skillsets.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)


“Busy with a varied mix of jobseekers.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Morgan Devere

“There was a fair amount of people and the Job Fair staff were very friendly and informative. It is a great way to network and bring through new candidates.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Nurse Plus UK

“Ideal opportunity to meet new candidates and network with other recruiters.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)


“It was good to meet with other employers and it gave us access to local jobseekers.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Elite Day Services

“Ideal to meet local residents and to promote our brand. We are booked for Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge events as well.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Healthcare Homes

“It was an easy to find location and the staff were very attentive.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)


“The event was well sign posted and there was a decent turnout. It was a positive day for us, with us interested in a number of possible candidates.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Macintyre Charity

“This event gave us a good chance of recruiting and meeting potential candidates in person. This has been a positive experience and this Jobs Fair has given us a good recruitment chance.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

HMP Bedford

“The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. The location was good and we would now be interested in attending Milton Keynes, Watford and Peterborough.” (Bedford, 01/02/2017)

Herts Urgent Care

“It’s a good opportunity to review our talent pool as well as networking with other local recruiters. The event always attracts a very varied selection of possible applicants, some of which a very suitable for our roles.” (Stoke, 27/01/2017)

Bet 365

“Easy to use location with good foot traffic. It provides companies with a face to face opportunity to recruit new staff and we are looking at booking all Stoke dates for 2017.” (Stoke, 27/01/2017)

Helping Angels

“The set up on the day was good and helpful. It was a great opportunity to open up our jobs to a great number of potential employees.” (Stoke, 27/01/2017)

Alton Towers

“The footfall was good, with a variety of experienced candidates walking through.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Legal and General

“This event gave us the opportunity to discuss the unique nature of the industry and hours of work. We are booked in for other Job Fairs in Gloucester, Reading etc.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)


“The event was promoted very well and the event got an excellent turnout.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Halesowen College

“Really busy as always! Didn’t stop talking all day.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Virgin Media

“The Job Fair in Birmingham had a good flow of candidates and was a good experience overall.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)


“The location was central, so easy for people to find. The venue was spacious and the Job Fair staff were really helpful.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Nova Training

“Got a great range of individuals to the event from all different backgrounds. The venue was great and Aaron was very helpful.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Barhale PLC

“Good opportunity to meet potential new staff. We have used Job Fairs before and will again.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Norfolk House School

“Fantastic event, organised and obviously very well publicised. This is our first Job Fair and we are very impressed.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Thomson FS

“Very well organised with a great source of candidates coming through the doors.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)


“Very pleasant, quick and easy to sort out and get involved. I was surprised at the turnout on the day, which was very good and met some really lovely people. We will definitely be attending this again.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)


“Good customer service at a good location. The Job Fair staff are excellent and we are booked in for several more events this year.” (Birmingham, 27/01/2017)

Intec Business College

“Excellent Jobs Fair and would definitely come back.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Manchester Life Centre

“Lots of candidates attended, meaning it was well advertised. Will be looking to book the next Manchester Jobs Fair. The staff members on the day were also very helpful.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

The Fed

“This event is great for companies looking to recruit new staff, it worked very well for us today.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Imagine Mental Health

““This opportunity has enabled us to link with many potential students as well as businesses. Very busy which is excellent.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

White Rose Beauty Colleges

“Good calibre of candidates attended the Jobs Fair.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Sunrise Senior Living

“This has been really well set out and seems to have been very well advertised! We’ve met a lot of good candidates and it’s been really useful. It’s great to know you do events all over the UK, so we can look at booking more.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Bright Horizons

“Well organised and at a great venue. We found this was a good way to engage with candidates.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Interlink Software

“Good turnout throughout the day with very helpful staff, thank you!” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Alpha LSG

“The Fair has been great. Lots of interested candidates and a great opportunity to network with other attending organisations. We would like to attend the Manchester Fair again. It’s been great!” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

City Year UK

“The venue was good and there was a steady stream of candidates. The staff members were fantastic, incredibly welcoming and helpful. Overall good event.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Wesser Ltd

“Good venue, good number of exhibitors and a good number of candidates.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Stage Coach Bus

“It’s been good; we have seen a lot of customers which we are looking to take forward. We will attend all the Job Fairs in Manchester, representing the National Careers Service.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Manchester Growth Company

“I would recommend this fair to some of my other clients. Managed to find 2 good people that I am keen to interview for our sales role.” (Manchester, 25/01/2017)

Intouch Networks

“On this occasion the footfall has been great! 8 possible candidates which is the best so far.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Able Care

“Easy to register, good location, good footfall and a good time slot to run the event.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Age UK Norfolk

“The staff were very helpful and attentive. The Job Fair is a good way of getting company name out there. Good amounts of people come and generally it generates a lot of interest.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Thera East Anglia

“Good location and a steady flow of candidates throughout the day.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Morson International

“This was a good and organised Job Fair, at a good venue (The Forum).” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Banham Zoo

“Always very professional and well organised.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Home Instead

“Great event with plenty of people to engage with. The event has great potential for recruitment purposes.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Traffic Labour Supplies

“We were able to reach a whole variety of candidates that may not have heard of us before. Also it was nice to talk with potential employees face-to- face.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Blakeney Hotel

“The Job Fairs are a good way to promote company and brand awareness.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Lee and Plumpton

“Good number of people and a nice variety.” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)


“Well organised, with helpful staff and a busy event!” (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Nurse Plus

“Happy with the location, service and outcome of the Jobs Fair today." (Norwich, 20/01/2017)

Dinosaur Adventure

“Organised, helpful and a busy event!” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Fosse Healthcare

“Nice event and a good venue, will be booking into Derby & Nottingham again.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)


“Got lots of interest and the staff were helpful. The venue was also good and central.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Capstone Care

“Good number of candidates walking through with a good number of applicants to our roles, also a good way to promote our services.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Nottingham City Council

“This was well organised at the venue and clearly was well advertised to the relevant people in the local area, we saw a wide variety of candidates from a broad range of backgrounds.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)


“We have successfully signed a number of people of to the team programme today! The event was also a good way to network with the other stall holders.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Nottingham Fire & Rescue Service

“There is always a good range of candidates which are suitable for the job vacancies and courses we have on offer. We would like to partake in all Nottingham and Derby Job Fairs.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

DBC Training

“It’s busier than I thought. I thought we can’t assume it’s not going to work, I’ve been to a lot of job fairs, this is good. I’ve got a pile of CV’s and at the least there are 10 here I want to place and if we place just one then there you go.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Response Network

“Been busy, I’m out of leaflets and we have 50 plus sign up for interviews.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Domestic & General

“We’ve got over 35 people interested today, it’s been really busy, I think it’s something I think we’ll look to do again.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

Helping Hands

“We had 20 new people from the Jobs Fair last time and this one is loads busier. We’re Nationwide and I’m going to email H/O the whole 2017 Calendar of events.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

My Dentist

“Over 60 people signed up today.” (Nottingham, 20/01/2017)

CT Skills

“I am impressed by the footfall today.” (Bristol, 18/01/2017)


“Absolutely brilliant. We're getting on board with all these Jobs Fairs, 1000%, I've looked at the Calendar of Jobs Fairs.” (Bristol, 18/01/2017)

Chrysalis Courses

“It’s better than I expected, we've seen someone already (11:30am) who, if they come across as good in the interview as they did today, I'll be offering them the job, which would cover the cost of The Jobs Fair. It's good because you can get a feel for the candidate.” (Bristol, 18/01/2017)

Assist Law

“We’ve had loads of interest, spoken to 55 people who are interested and shared their details.” (Bristol, 18/01/2017)

Resource Solutions

“This is one of the best Jobs Fairs I've ever been to.” (Bristol, 18/01/2017)

Red Recruitment