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Evening Job Fairs

Why recruit at an Evening Jobs Fair?


Successful pilot event in Norwich on 13th March 2024


We’re looking to launch Evening Job Fairs across the UK


Meet a different pool of candidates at our Evening Job Fairs

See what our Norwich Exhibitors had to say about our inaugural Evening Event…

"Interesting range of people."

SES, Norwich Jobs Fair13/03/2024

"Lots of people to speak to about job vacancies. Communications good in lead up to event, great location. Jobs Fair colleagues helpful."

Screwfix, Norwich Jobs Fair13/03/2024

"Great to have an evening event, met a lot more professional candidates compared to the day time one. Didn’t seem as busy but good flow of candidates."

Baxter, Norwich Jobs Fair13/03/2024

"Very busy for a first evening event, attendees seemed more serious about learning and finding work."

Norfolk County Council, Norwich, 13/03/2024


"Great opportunity to meet people looking to get into the industry, refreshing to be face-to-face."

JLL, Norwich, 13/03/2024


"Lots of people to speak to about job vacancies. Communications good in the lead up to the event, great location and jobs fair colleagues helpful."

Screwfix, Norwich, 13/03/2024


"Good calibre of jobseekers, very busy and more professionals attending compared to day time."

Perenco, Norwich, 13/03/2024


"Excellent staff, excellent venue, very busy and for the 1st evening event very worthwhile."

Teach Group, Norwich, 13/03/2024

Exhibit from £295+VAT
4pm to 7pm

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