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Are Job Fairs worth attending?

An old-fashioned approach to finding your next job or career, but are Job Fairs worth attending?

Granted, in modern times, large swathes of people are quite happy to do online searches for the next job opportunity. However, there are so many “pros” to visiting a Recruitment Fair if you haven’t done so already.

From our 13 years of Jobs Fair experience, we’ve compiled a list of key reasons why you should definitely head to the next event in your area:

  1. Network and chat with employers face-to-face – perhaps the most powerful thing that a Jobs Fair has over an online application. You can speak to HR managers/assistants face-to-face about their job opportunities, rather than waiting for an email to come back. Give a great first impression and really showcase your abilities in-person, something a black and white CV will never do.
  2. Improve your CV – by speaking to employers in-person, and handing them your CV, this is the perfect chance to ask them for their feedback about it. Can it be improved? What did you do well? What key info did you miss? Is it the right length or is it too many pages? What should be prioritised? After this, Job/Career Fairs often have National Career Service advisors, or Job Centre Plus staff present. So, go and speak with them too about where you could improve your CV.
  3. Practice for interviews – Attending a recruitment event gives job hunters the chance to practice their interviewing skills. For example, approaching a potential employer can be a bit intimidating the first time. However, you’ll find after doing it a dozen times during a single job fair, your confidence will begin to grow. Some of the skills you get to practice includes introducing yourself, shaking the employers hand, handing over a CV and/or completing their application forms, answering basic interview questions they may have at their stand, and finally asking questions of the company about who they are and what job roles they’re advertising. Each of these skills can be taken forward to the interview stage.
  4. Discover job opportunities in your sector and others – Job Fairs are a great way to speak to employers in your chosen industry about job opportunities, and more importantly, how to get your foot in the door if you’re just starting out. The HR Staff on each exhibition stand will have valuable insights to help you find your perfect position. Alternatively, Job Fairs are typically generic events, which means they’ll have various employers from wide ranging industries on the day. Discover opportunities you had never considered by speaking to all the brands represented at the event and seeing what they have to offer.