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Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Speak to a wide range of recruiters

Attending a Jobs Fair is a great way to speak to a wide range of recruiters face-to-face, all on the same day.

They typically bring branded tablecloths, pens, post-it notes, sweets and pop-up banners/signage with them, so that you can distinguish who they are and what they’re offering at the event.


Don’t be fooled

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is all they’ve got to offer, though. Many exhibitors at our events are offering so much more than their displays may initially indicate. A classic example are companies attending from the healthcare sector.

Yes, their banners and branding may read “Recruiting for Support Workers” or “Considering a job in care?” or something to this extent, but you shouldn’t write them off based on this or skip their stand.


Avoid missing a great job opportunity

A quick 5 minute conversation with the stallholder about what you’re ideally looking for, e.g. an admin job, may reveal far more than you think! What we’re trying to say is, the companies do have far more job vacancies than meets the eye, and having a chat with them could avoid you missing out on a great job opportunity.

On countless occasions, job hunters have approached us and said they’ve been unable to find anything suitable for them at the event. But, after we’ve explained to them not to judge a book by its cover and to ask the exhibitors directly if they have a job their looking for, they come back up to us and say something like “I’m glad I spoke with you, I’ve just got an application form for a marketing role at a stand I thought was just healthcare related”.

Keep an open mind, leave no stone unturned, and leave the Job Fair knowing you have covered all angles on your road to a new job!