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Dress to Impress!

Look the part

As with any job interview or trial day, looking the part can be just as important as being qualified for a job in the eyes of a potential employer.

They will be looking to see if you tick multiple boxes, on their way to offering you a job role. So, making sure you put in the effort with what you wear, can potentially be a crucial stage of the employment process.


Help rather than hinder

The same is true of our Job Fair events.

Yes, you don’t necessarily need to be suited and booted to attend a Jobs Fair, but it can only help rather than hinder your chances!

Bear in mind that there will sometimes be over 30+ organisations exhibiting at a Jobs Fair, and they’re likely to be seeing you and 300+ other prospective job hunters all within the space of a few hours.


A great first impression

By dressing to impress, you have a far greater chance of standing out amongst the crowd when these exhibitors are whittling down their applications collected from the event.

Don’t allow yourself to fade into the background, look smart, look the part, and give your next employer a great first impression.