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Mobile phones and LinkedIn at the Jobs Fair

Mobile phones and LinkedIn at the Jobs Fair

Have your mobile phone with you

Whilst visiting a Jobs Fair event, it is useful to have your mobile with you as you’re highly likely to require it for one thing or another!

Typical scenarios include:

  • Sending your CV via an email to an exhibitor.
  • Taking pictures of business cards/leaflets.
  • Taking pictures of jobs that are displayed on our “Job Boards”.
  • Exchanging numbers with exhibitor staff who are in charge of arranging interviews.
  • Checking out an exhibitors company website for more information.

Therefore, our advice would be to bring your mobile along, as it could save you carrying around one hell of a lot of paperwork upon leaving the event!


Utilise LinkedIn

Our second piece of advice is to utilise LinkedIn.

In case you didn’t know, LinkedIn is a hugely popular social media platform that workers use to connect with their colleagues and interact/build-up new business relationships.

It's particularly useful when at the Jobs Fair, as when you’ve finished having a discussion with an exhibitor or even after you’ve handed in your application form, you can then go on LinkedIn, search for the person you’ve been speaking with, and connect with them.

It’s a great way to remind them who you are, it shows you’re keen on their company and it allows you to pick up where you left off after the event.