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Who exhibits at a regular Jobs Fair?

Who exhibits at a regular Jobs Fair?

If you’ve never been to a Jobs Fair before, the first question on your mind is likely to be “I wonder what sort of businesses are going to be there?”

Well, look no further, this article is going to cover exactly who you can expect to see at a generic Jobs Fair event.

Cast your eyes to the below list…



As you would rightly predict, our Job Fairs attract businesses that are specifically looking to recruit staff face-to-face. So, this may be for full-time positions, part-time, contract hours, permanent or temporary. Typical suspects would include brands such as Lidl, Amazon, McDonalds, Tesco, right the way down to your local organisations.


Apprenticeship Providers

Not only do recruiters attend our Job Fairs, but we also get those looking at targeting the 16-20 age bracket who are looking to hire for Apprenticeship positions. You’re likely to see at least 1-2 of these at a normal Jobs Fair event.


Colleges/Training Course Providers

Similar to Apprenticeship companies that participate, we also see Colleges/Training providers attend, looking at promoting their courses on the day. This may be back-to-work friendly courses, or even those targeted to specific fields like I.T. or Marketing for example. A great proposition if you’re looking to enter a specific industry and would like some knowhow before you begin applying!


Self-employed/Business Enterprise

Another business you’re likely to meet if you visited a Job Fair would be those who are looking to persuade you to go alone for a change. It’s a great alternative if you’ve reached a wall with working for someone, and believe you have the capabilities to start-up your own business venture.


Career Advisors

A hidden gem for any job seeker attending a Job Fair. You’re 99% sure to come face-to-face with a career advice company when going around the stands at a Jobs Fair. This will predominantly be in the form of the National Careers Service or one of their sister brands (Prospects, Adviza, Education Development Trust, Futures For You). They are a really useful tool, as they will give you one-to-one support on CV advice, Interview Techniques and what career options you personally should be going for.

There you have it, a handy guide to what you’re going to see and experience, should you make that decision to visit your local Jobs Fair event!

There’s something for everyone.