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Facilities Management

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About Us

Thanks to our 412,000 employees, Sodexo provides catering, facilities management, employee benefits and personal home services to 100 million consumers daily in 56 countries. At Sodexo we believe in the difference a day makes. That’s why we are proud to focus on people’s essential needs: we see them as key to improve the quality of life. We know that by focusing on the tangible, the real, the concrete improvements, day after day, for millions of people, we have a big impact not only on individuals but also on society and the planet. We believe it all starts with the everyday.

Our manifesto is:
For some it’s just a canteen meal, just a few leftovers, just a day job.

For us it’s a health child, a battle to reduce food waste, the start of a career…

What others see as trivial, we see as essential. Because we know that it is precisely by focusing on the concrete, on the tangible, on the everyday, that we make a real difference not only to a person’s day but, in the long run, to the lives of all and the planet.

From day 1, our focus has been the everyday

Conscious of the enormous difference everyday actions make when you multiply them by the millions of people we care about, all over the world, day in and day out and through the years, we embrace the responsibilities that come with our scale and strive to make everything we do today as positive and impactful as we can for tomorrow.

Making the delicious nutritious.

Giving opportunities to those who have never been given a chance.

Caring about communities, and about the individuals within.

Acting for the planet.

Making the most of today for tomorrow.

Rooted in our humanist values and committed to go further, at Sodexo our purpose is to create a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.

What it’s like to work for us?

Our employees are our greatest asset and personify our values of; Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress. Ethics are essential to our success and a fundamental pillar of our commitments to responsible business conduct. We have zero tolerance for abusive practices, such as corruption or human rights violations. We are, and will continue to be, a company that clients, consumers, partners and other stakeholders can trust.

To maintain this trust, all our employees and partners agree to respect our ethical principles:

Caring about quality of life means placing trust at the heart of our relationships. Sodexo is built on a solid foundation of loyalty to its clients, employees and shareholders, and on honest and open relationships with them. Loyalty is one of the cornerstones of how our business operates.

This is a key principle for Sodexo that applies consistently with all stakeholders: clients, consumers, employees, shareholders and the general public. We ensure that all are informed in a clear and precise manner about our products, services, commitments and performance.

We do not tolerate and we condemn all practices that are not based on honesty, integrity and fairness, regardless of where our business operates in the world. We make our position clear to our clients, suppliers and employees, and expect them to reject corrupt and unfair practices.

Respect for people
Humanity is central to our business. Sodexo is committed to acting in favour of equal opportunity, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, beliefs, religion or sexual orientation. Improving quality of life means treating each individual with respect, dignity and consideration.

The type of jobs we recruit for?

We are currently looking for front line team members, supervisors and managers to join us on the Ministry of Justice contract. We look after a variety of buildings and are looking for team members in the following Job Roles:

• Cleaners
• Mobile Cleaners
• Mobile Supervisors
• Cooks
• Mobile Cooks
• Nights Security Guards
• Receptionists
• Regional Service Managers


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