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The UK Atomic Energy Authority

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About Us

Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the Sun and stars. If harnessed here on Earth, fusion offers the tantalising prospect of carbon free, abundant and safe electricity as a major part of a sustainable energy future.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority, at its Culham Science Centre HQ in Oxfordshire, is a world leading fusion research organisation – with a mission to “Deliver sustainable fusion energy and maximise scientific and economic impact”.

Our scientists and engineers are working with partners around the globe to develop fusion.

We operate two of the world’s largest fusion experiments – Europe’s JET device and the UK’s MAST Upgrade device. We also have a rapidly growing technology programme in several key areas – notably identifying and testing optimum fusion materials, developing robotics maintenance systems, component testing and validation and storage, recovery and breeding of tritium fuel.

We have recently received further investment from the UK Government to undertake the conceptual design for a fusion power station - the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP).

To find out more about STEP and UKAEA, see and to find out more about fusion research at Culham see

What it’s like to work for us?

We are an innovative and inclusive organisation which promotes a healthy work-life balance. We offer a supportive environment, offering our staff a range of career and professional development opportunities, whether that be through obtaining qualifications or attending training courses that will benefit their roles.

We offer flexible working across the organisation and have recently opened a newly built gym and sports & social club on our site at Culham Science Centre. Our academic campus offers an innovative environment which is undergoing a rapid period of growth and cultural change, with the aim of bringing abundant, low-carbon energy to the world.

The type of jobs we recruit for?

We are recruiting a significant pool of expertise to support all of these programmes which is expected to include Physicists, Engineers, Software and computing specialists as well as in areas such as Procurement, Project Management, SHE, Communications, Administrative areas, Commercial, and much more.

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