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Our Candidates

We attract a wide variety of candidates to our job fairs across the UK.

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Facebook advertising campaigns

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Instagram advertising campaigns

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Eventbrite listings & search engines

Eventbrite is one of the worlds largest event ticketing websites.

We list all 150+ job fairs coming up via the website - our Job Fairs can be found organically via their in-site search engines and via Google SEO.

In addition, we actively advertise via Eventbrite ads – targeting geographical location and interests pre-event to reach more interested visitors already using the platform.

Job Fairs

Promotion on

One of our most powerful tools to advertise our upcoming job fairs is via our website –

We rank #1 on Google for the “job fair” keyword and enjoy website traffic of 30,000+ visitors every month from job hunters actively seeking employment.

Our website features many useful tools to help a candidate on their journey to find employment, including how to register to attend their local job fair.

Visit our candidate section for more information - View here


LinkedIn promotion & ads

We use LinkedIn to attract more specialist and niche candidates to our events.

We actively promote our upcoming events via our LinkedIn company page and staff pages.

We advertise regularly through LinkedIn marketing resources too, including boosted posts, events, and inmail campaigns.

Our calendar of Job Fairs is listed on LinkedIn too, these events can be found via Google, as well as on the social platform.


Google search & business listings

Since being established in 2010, has propelled itself to the top of Google's search rankings.

Our Job Fairs can be easily discoverable via search terms such as 'job fairs', 'career fairs', 'job fairs near me', among others.

Individual events can be found by searching “manchester jobs fair”, for example.

We utilise Google Ads to promote our Job Fairs and Google Business listings to further expand our reach.


Local press & newspaper advertising

We regularly target local newspapers in the Job Fair location and surrounding areas to promote our events.

Many of our Job Fairs gain promotion via local press releases and new stories. An example of which can be found here.

Press releases are sent out approximately 3-5 weeks prior to each Jobs Fair.


College & University promotion

We are regularly in contact with local colleges and universities in the build up to our Job Fairs.

We typically reach out to local education establishments 4 weeks before the Job Fair.

We engage with the college/university employability teams to put the job fair on the radar of pupils looking to make their first steps into their chosen career or looking for part-time and/or apprenticeship positions.


Radio promotion

We promote our Job Fairs to local radio stations 2-4 weeks prior.

We have had numerous radio interviews, both pre-event and during the event, to promote our Job Fairs.

These include pre-recorded interviews and on-air with local radio DJs.

Street advertising

Street advertising

In addition to our pre-event promotions, we attract people on event days that are passing our venues with the use of our A2 A-board signs.

A-boards are positioned on-street leading to the venue, promoting the Job Fair nearby with directional signage.


Our candidates

Following our advertising strategy, we attract hundreds, sometimes thousands of candidates per Jobs Fair.

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